Monday, 1 October 2012


Today was my first day of my 2nd Year, an exciting and fresh new challenge.

I started my new Bespoke Tailoring class today, for a long time I've wanted to learn these skills, tailoring is something which I'm just amazed by, I guess it's cause I'm such a sewing geek!

So, after a long lecture we finally got to do some practical work. We got given a single breasted men's suit jacket pattern pack to trace (I guess we won't be drafting our own jacket patterns until we've learnt the basics), and we concentrated on creating the patterns for the foundations of the jacket.

Not my own work, this was a example mock-up of what we're trying to achieve.

3 different fabrics.. the mixed hair canvas, the horse hair and domette. All different fabrics to help shape the chest, it's like sculpting in a way, we're sculpting the male form into perfection. As we were told in the lecture, a suit can change your posture, your silhouette and create the illusion on perfection.

We also got given a pack of all the different interfacings and fabrics we'll be needing for this course, I'm really happy they did that, it would cost a small fortune to buy everything ourselves! I'm going to try and post more about what I've done in class, not only to share with you guys but it'll be a good record of my learning.

Friday, 31 August 2012


“The sun always shines above the clouds.” 

I love clouds. For as long as I can remember I've always loved clouds, to me they are utterly beautiful and fascinating. They're always different, there are no two clouds alike and they are constantly changing. Like the first picture in my collage, I took it outside my bedroom window.. within 5 minutes it the sky turned dark and the clouds became black as nighttime fell.

On summer days I love just laying back and daydreaming whilst watching the clouds sweep across the sky, it's quite calming. Clouds have inspired a couple of pieces in my first collection for the Kawaii Kingdom line I've designed (even the logo is a cloud!).

I definitely want to use some of my images that I have taken (all my with iPhone 4S, amazing camera for a phone) and get them printed onto fabric. Think they'd be such a cute print, whimsical yet full of depth. 


Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Mirror Mirror, a modern re-telling of the infamous story of Snow White, but told in such a witty and new way. I watched this film the other night, I had heard so many bad reviews about it, but you know me.. I don't care about reviews. It's my own opinion that matters.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was so beautifully made. The story, the casting, the scenery and of course the costumes! All the costumes were designed by the late Eiko Ishioka (more info here), this was his last piece of work. His designs are so visually stunning and quite surreal, they take the story of Snow White to a whole other level.

The beautiful Lily Collins plays Snow White (such a perfect choice in my opinion) and her costumes are among my favourite. The dress above is so utterly gorgeous, historical in silhouette but modern in choice of fabrics and colours. The juxtaposition of simply decorated bodice with the huge printed skirt is amazing and I'm even loving the big mint green puffed sleeves. Not something I'd say often! The floral prints/motifs were chosen by Ishioka as he wanted Snow to be really connected to nature.

Another beautiful costume Lily got to wear was this huge saffron yellow cloak, which when in motion moved and billowed with grace and pure magic.  

The biggest and most extravagant costume in the entire film is the Queen's (played by Julia Roberts) wedding dress. When I say this dress was the biggest, it really was.. it weighed a topping 60 lbs and was 8 ft in diameter, that's pretty big!

I absolutely love it, I can't even imagine how long and how much work went into creating this masterpiece. It's crazy that it was only shown on screen for a couple of minutes. 

Oh, just one more thing. Can we all just sit back and appreciate how cute the Prince (Armie Hammer) is in his costume for the ball. Super cute. 

So everyone, I totally recommend this film. You'll love the alternate storyline and of course, the beautiful costumes.


Thursday, 23 August 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in a while here,  would love to say it's because of a demanding social life but really I've been enjoying my time off with spending most of the day in bed, on Tumblr and watching a load of films. It's been utterly perfect.

But I'm back now! So September is literally around the corner, it's hard to say, this year is flying by so fast! In the fashion world September is always seen as the time to start anew, take a fresh approach to your wardrobe. I don't want to change my style, but evolve it/take it a bit further and continue to keep having fun with it!

So, above is the items that are next on my 'to buy' list. 

  1. Starting with a silver Pentacle necklace, I used to wear these all the time whilst I was in school, loved them and I've decided to bring it back into my style.
  2. A plain black polo shirt, the type again I used to wear at school. With all the 'back to school' sales on right now I could pick up one of these so cheaply! I'm lucky I still fit into children's sizes! (Yes, I know.. I'm a skinny bitch!)
  3. Silver sequin leggings, something to make this outfit really stand out and make it unique. I want to start wearing more leggings and I thought, why not really go for it, I could totally rock sequins.
  4. And finally, the holy grail of this outfit.. a pair of black Buffalo platforms! I've got Creepers, I've got Demonia platforms.. I seriously need these in my life and on my feet. 
My student loans can not come in quick enough, can't wait to get shopping and fill my wardrobe with deliciously new and exiting pieces.


Friday, 10 August 2012


I want to introduce a new capsule collection I've been working on, entitled Kawaii Kingdom. A collection inspired by the essence of anime, cartoons and the sense of adventure that is so special on those warm Summer days. 

I wanted to design a small collection of clothes for both boys and girls, a collection that was inspired by the cute Japanese anime films and American cartoons that have filled my days lately. Everything I design is always so serious and 'grown-up', I wanted to create something that showed the other side of my personality. Something very cute, youthful, fun and a spirit that's full of adventure. 

Below is just a sneak peak of a couple of my designs, fully rendered illustrations are to come over the next week or so, I just want them to be perfect. I don't know wether any of the pieces will be made for sale, I'll see what the general response is when I reveal the full range, if it's positive I might make a few of the key pieces or ones that have been requested.

Looking forward to showing this collection off to you guys!


Sunday, 5 August 2012


Yesterday I watched a film that I hadn't seen in years, not since I was a kid.. The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. A live-action prequel to the first live action film, The Flintstones. It tells the story of how Wilma and Fred get together, how Betty and Barney get together and they're backgrounds.

It was badly reviewed at the time, but I'm not one for going by reviews.. if I like it, I like it, a review by a 'film critic' is not going to change my mind. It's a great kids film, it's funny, it's quite campy and very colourful! What struck me most though were the costumes, as a kid watching it I never noticed them but now I paid great attention to them.

The costumes were designed by Robert Turturice, over 700 costumes were made for the film and a staggering million plus 'rock crystals' made. Yesterday I researched more into the costumes and what went into making them, it was really interesting. Most of the costumes were made of leather or suede, the seams glued together but then top-stiched by hand with thin leather strips to make them look 'hand-made'.

My favourite costumes were the ones Joan Collins wore, it was practically stone age couture! The bold colours, shapes, the huge fur coats and of course the rock crystal jewellery (which were cast from actual stones, for a more authentic look). Robert Turturice said.. 
"I think they were looking for outrageous, flashy clothes and someone who wasn't afraid to just take the risks and go completely over the top. I mean what does couture of BC look like? Plus there were fashion class distinctions even then." 
I think he was the perfect man for the job and would have loved to have seen his research and sketches for these costumes!

Joan Collins, who plays Wilma's very snobby mother Pearl, very closely resembles a costume that Cruella De Vil wears in 101 Dalmatians!

Love the tuxedos, might even be a little bit tempted to sew up one for myself.. they do look quite simple to make. There was only one rule to the costumes in this film.. there are no sleeves, trousers or shoes. To others that would sound like a dampener on the creativity of the designs, but I think it was a positive, it opens you up to think more outside the box. 


Thursday, 2 August 2012


Exiting news for visually challenged fashion lovers!

Victoria Beckham is adding optical glasses to her Victoria Beckham accessories collection!

Image courtsey of and US Glamour

In this September's US Glamour issue, my personal style icon Victoria Beckham plays guest editor. Along with a witty interview there are many gorgeous pictures throughout the issue, this is one on my favourites.

She wears a A/W 12/13 dress from her mainline collection and gives us a sneak peek at her foray into optical glasses design. The glasses she is wearing in this picture are from her first optical collection, details are practically non-existent at the moment in time unfortunately about the collection and when it will be introduced/released for sale. 

I'm extremely exited about this new venture, for years I have been a fan of her sunglasses and own a little collection on my own. I wear glasses, not all the time but I would definitely buy a pair of Victoria Beckham Opticals. So hopefully they will be released soon and when they do I will let you guys know!


Sunday, 29 July 2012


I have quite a respectable collection of jewellery.. from box of rings to a huge mass of necklaces that I've actually lost count of. What I'm lacking though is a good selection of bracelets.. I have a few, but rarely wear them.

Lately I've been wanting to wear something around my wrist, with the amazing weather we've been having here in Wales, arms have been out! Wrist has been looking a bit bare though, so instead of buying something I decided to DIY!

I was rummaging through my sewing boxes filled to the brim with bits and bobs, I found these grungy silver cross pendants I bought off eBay last summer and never did anything with. I envisioned a delicate chain overloaded with crosses that would jangle and shine in the sun. This was the outcome (picture above). I absolutely love it, was quick to make, totally free (as I had all the materials needed) and will definitely attract a compliment or two!


Monday, 16 July 2012


Yesterday I got bitten by the crafting bug, it was another boring Sunday indoors so I decided to do something productive and creative. So rummaging through my sewing bits and bobs, I came across these materials. Faux leather, velvet ribbon and some spiked studs. I decided to make a dog collar, for myself!

It was quite an easy project and didn't take too long, perfect for a little afternoon project with instant results. I cut the leather to fit around my neck, the same width as the velvet ribbon so the screws and and the backside of the fabric was covered (it's little details like that, that really make something more professional). I marked out the position of the studs, using a leather hole puncher to make the holes, a really handy tool which was really cheap to buy in Wilkinsons.

The studs get screwed in, snap fasteners attached to the ends of the collar to keep it in place then I glued down the velvet ribbon, that's it!

I'm really happy with how it turned out, it looks great on and I have enough leather, ribbon and studs to either make another one or maybe a matching bracelet?

I took these pictures with Instagram, yeah.. I have an iPhone 4S now! I will be posting about that soon, just want to express my joy and talk about technology (I'm such a geek). So if you guys have Instagram, follow me.. houseofslaterphoto


Thursday, 12 July 2012


Summer 2012 has officially begun for me..

Just me and Stacey throwing some moves, pulling some poses.. the usual.
I'm back living with my parents now in Llanelli, I'm really going to miss Cardiff but at least I get to see the three things I miss most when I'm away.. my cats, my niece and my Foundation friends!

Last Wednesday night we had our reunion/Chloe's birthday night out, it was absolutely amazing. Being back in Swansea, back in Wind Street with all my closest friends just felt so relaxed and normal. We haven't seen each other since the Christmas holidays, but when we're together it feels like we saw each other just yesterday, that's true friendship.

It was a proper night out.. I drank, I smoked, I had a 3 A.M. McDonalds. It was perfect, plus I had so many compliments! It was really nice because all the girls had curled hair and so did I, we all matched! Had quite a few compliments on my DIY studded shirt collar too, I was really pleased so many people liked it. This is just one of many nights out/parties/get togethers ect. that will happen whilst I'm back here, I'm really exited for the fun times ahead.